A bit of a bumper day of approvals, 2 in one afternoon! The first being a remodel with ground and first floor extensions to a popular area in Lilliput.

Coming recommended, we wasted no time in carrying out an initial digital survey of the property, the property had recently been moved into with the previous owners probably not touching it for 20 years or more, our client had some great ideas with one unusual one that firstly thought maybe a challenge.

Due to the orientation of the neighbouring property a straight forward extension to the side at full width wasn’t an option it would have blocked light and lost the use of the access to the garaging.  Our client suggested an extension at first floor only to allow access to the rear of the property and more importantly the garage, using BIM we modelled up the proposals and soon found a scheme that worked….

Existing Elevations


Proposed Plans
Proposed Elevations

The Planning officers report concluded that the proposal preserves the  character and appearance of the street scene as well as neighbour amenity.